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The mission of the Institute for Financial Literacy is to promote effective financial education and counseling.

The Institute accomplishes its mission by working with organizations to incorporate financial education into their existing services. As a national authority on adult financial education, the Institute advances professionalism and effectiveness in the field of financial literacy by setting the National Standards for Adult Financial Literacy Education™, hosting the Annual Conference on Financial Education™, presenting the Excellence In Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE)™ Awards, maintaining the Library of Personal Finance™, and administering®, Council on Financial Education Accreditation™, and Center for Consumer Financial Research™.

The Institute’s grant writing objectives support program and public outreach commitments fundamental to its mission. The Institute’s strives to generate enthusiasm for life-long financial education among its clients and the general public through its direct delivery of services and its social marketing efforts. The Annual Conference on Financial Education and the EIFLE Awards are examples of these efforts. Through, the Institute provides training for professionals and community volunteers in the financial counseling, education and related fields which is structured around the National Standards for Adult Financial Literacy Education. Through its Center for Consumer Financial Research, the Institute provides independent, unbiased research that informs the crafting of public policy by government, the development of curricula by educators, and the implementation of customer-centric initiatives by the financial service industry. Through its Library of Personal Finance, the Institute seeks to further inform public policy and curricula by preserving and disseminating the historical context of financial literacy education efforts. All of these programs are funded by a combination of grants, service fees, individual donations and corporate support.

Funding relationships at the Institute are cultivated through active leadership in the academic, business, legal, K-12, adult education and media communities. This essential networking commitment assures that Institute programs are developed in accordance with community needs and secures financial contributions as effective investments in the American economy.

If you are aware of or represent a grant-making organization, and you believe the Institute’s programs may align with that organization’s funding priorities, please contact us at (207) 873-0068 and speak with a member of our Development Team.

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