Institute for Financial Literacy Releases Guide to Insurance and Investing

Third book in the Personal Finance Series explains how insurance & investing work together to help families achieve their goals

South Portland, ME – Apr. 5, 2010 – The Institute for Financial Literacy has released the third and final book in its popular Personal Finance Series, Guide to Insurance and Investing. The Guide uses humor, candor and step-by-step explanations to introduce the reader to the different types of insurance and investing products available, what they do and how to use them properly.

“Many people spend a lot of time worrying about the future wondering if there will be enough money for the kids’ college or their own retirement, or afraid that an accident or illness will knock them off track,” noted Leslie Linfield, Executive Director & Founder of the Institute for Financial Literacy and the book’s author. “While no one can predict the future, there are many tools available to help people deal with life’s surprises and achieve their financial goals. Many people simply haven’t been taught what types of insurance and investing products are available or how to use them.”

Guide to Insurance and Investing is available online at or by calling (207) 879-0389. The book is also available at wholesale rates for organizations looking to incorporate the book into their financial literacy education programs.

The Personal Finance Series consists of three books that help the reader build a strong foundation for managing their personal finances: Guide to Budgeting, Guide to Credit and Debt Management and Guide to Insurance and Investing. The series is designed so that each program builds on the knowledge gained from the previous program, yet each book is also an effective freestanding piece from which a reader at any level of financial sophistication can benefit. Using humor, candor and step-by-step instructions, the Personal Finance Series breaks the reader’s overall financial picture into easily digestible pieces that can be addressed one step at a time. The Personal Finance Series adheres to the National Standards for Adult Financial Literacy Education.

The Institute for Financial Literacy is a tax exempt non-profit organization whose mission is to make effective financial literacy education available for all American adults. As a national authority on adult financial education, the Institute advances professionalism and effectiveness in the field of financial literacy by setting the National Standards for Adult Financial Literacy Education, hosting the Annual Conference on Financial Education, maintaining the Library of Personal Finance, and administering the Center for Financial Certifications® and the Center for Consumer Financial Research. For more information about the Institute, please visit


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