What People are Saying

“Thank you for all the information. I learned a lot I did not know before.”
– Helen H.

“The Institute for Financial Literacy is one of the foremost leaders in financial education and wellness programs. Their results-oriented curriculum equips individuals to take charge and improve their financial situation.”
– Russell Graves, Executive Director, Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling

“I really enjoyed these courses. They are wonderful, very informative, educational, and probably the greatest asset to my future.”
– Debra V.

“Although under difficult circumstances, I am very grateful to have had access to this helpful information. It has changed my life.”
– Jennifer W.

“On behalf of all the customers of the Institute for Financial Literacy, I applaud you for providing the best possible service to us.”
– Mercy R.

“By developing high-quality, user friendly financial literacy programs, the Institute’s educational and counseling assistance renders an enormous boon for those looking to advance in life.”
– Olympia J. Snowe, United States Senator

“The Aspen Institute made the strategic decision to partner with the Institute for Financial Literacy because they’ve demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing quality financial education in innovative ways.”
– Kirsten Moy, Director, Scale Initiatives, Aspen Institute

“The Institute for Financial Literacy sets the standard for financial education and counseling. Their programs contain actionable content that facilitates long-term financial wellness.”
– Rod Griffin, Director, Public Education, Experian